Piano, a new piece to learn to play (part 3)


Studying the most difficult points

When people start learning the piano, they often try to do it from start to finish with the result that they contine to make the same mistakes. In this way, they never really learn to play that piece and lose a lot of time.

Why is this?

For a very simple reason. Learning to play a piece on the piano does not mean to play it hundreds of time from start to finish, wasting precious time.

To learn to play a piece, it is usually enough to identify the most difficult points and study them more in depth. Therefore today I will show you exactly how to study those difficult points.

With time, you will see that just like me you will be able to spot these points and study them in a more correct way.

In this way you will rapidly learn to play the pieces you want including the more difficult ones.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 30 mins
1. Learn to play the first row hands together 1 5m 11s
2. Learn to play the first row hands together 2 6m 09s
3. How to study the second row 9m 36s
4. We get to the last row 5m 47s
5. A general rule to link the various rows of a piece 3m 20s
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