Piano, which are the nine most common mistakes that are made when starting to play the piano and how to solve them

pianoforte4How to solve the most common mistakes

Do you remember the lesson of starting to play with hands together?

It is an essential lesson in learning to develop a correct piano technique and its importance can be compared to that of the foundations of a house. Without solid foundations it is impossible to build something stable and long-lasting.
The same applies to piano technique. It is not only important to do this exercise but also necessary for it to be done in the correct way.

For this reason, in the lesson today I want to show in-depth the most common mistakes which are made in starting this exercise or when the first pieces are played at the piano.

Most of all I will show you how to avoid this.

In the lesson today I will provide you with all you need  to identify errors and understand if you make them, moreover help you to correct yourself and develop a correct technique.
I have tried to  analyse in a schematic way the nine most common mistakes. I can assure you that this is crucial!!

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 39 mins
1. Introduction and the 1′ mistake 9m 59s
2. The 2′ and 3′ mistakes 7m 07s
3. The 4′, 5′ and 6′ mistakes 8m 57s
4. The 7′, 8′ and 9′ mistakes 13m 03s
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