Composition: here are the notes that make your music more effective (part 11)


How to use non-harmonic tones with seventh chords

In the previous lessons we learned how to use non-haronic tones in the case of chords made up of only 3 notes (the triads).

  • But what happens if I decide to compose a melody using also seventh chords?
  • How can we use chord tones and non-harmonic tones in the case of seventh chords?

Today we will answer these questions and will understand that, depending on the kind of music that we want to compose, we can use choose between different solutions.

And in this we will have a higher array of musical tools.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 29 mins
1. Introduction to the new lesson 3m 19s
2. How to use chord tones in the case of seventh chords 4m 53s
3. Let’s learn to compose a melody by using seventh chords 5m 02s
4. Other melodies with seventh chords 9m 17s
5. Chord tones, non-harmonic tones and…a new kind of notes 7m 21s
+ 1 pdf file
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