How to build seventh chords (first part)


Four notes chords

Up to now we have seen chords made up of only three notes.

Today we will open a new and very important chapter. We will discover how to build chords of 4 notes.
This will allow us to introduce new subjects including:

  • Why chords of more than three sounds are always dissonant
  • Seventh chords
  • How to find the root of the chord, even in very complicated chords
  • How to build seventh chords on major scale
  • How to call the notes which make up the seventh chord correctly

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 25 mins
1. How to build 4 notes chords 4m 09s
2. The seventh chord on the major scale 4m 33s
3. Learn to call all notes of the chord in a correct way 9m 09s
4. The seventh chords on other degrees of a major scale- Various examples 7m 11s
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