The 52 essential music reading exercises (part 1)


Music reading exercises

Today we begin to practice some very important exercises.

In several lessons, we will learn to do exercises which progressively become more difficult and which in short time will give you the basis to learn music correctly.
Firstly, we will learn how to use the audio files which are found in each lesson.

Furthermore, if you follow fhe lesson which I show you, it will be like doing real reading music lessons with a teacher beside you.

Today we will do some very important exercises based on conjunct motions.

Enjoy your lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 16 mins
1. Essential exercises of music reading 4m 38s
2. How to get the most of audio files 4m 55s
3. How to do exercises correctly 6m 28s
+ 1 pdf file
+ 5 audio files
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