Composition: here are the notes that make your music more effective (part 12)


The ‘free notes’

Up to now in all these lessons we have composed many melodies using chord tones and all the different kind of non-harmonic tones that we have learned. But of course in this way we are using only a limited number of notes of the scale.

  • Can we also use all the other notes of the scale even if they are not either chord tones or non-harmonic tones?

If the answer is yes, how can we use all these notes obtaining some effective results?
So today we will focus on this essential topic and understand that all great musical pieces are made up of a well-balanced mixing of these kinds of notes.

For this reason in the next lesson we will analyze some very important songs and pieces, to understand how the greatest composers have used these notes.

Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 31 mins
1. Introduction to the lesson 3m 46s
2. What are ‘free notes’ – How to use them to compose a melody 14m 48s
3. How ‘free notes’ can change our chords 12m 33s
+ 1 pdf file
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