How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 9)


How to mix chords of different minor scales

The lesson of today is very important! We will learn something really fundamental:

How to mix chords of different minor scales.

We have already mentioned during the harmony lessons, how effective it is from a musical point of view to use different minor scale chords.

However, one thing is theory and another thing is practice.

So today on the piano, we will face this very important topic.

Among many things, you will see how on the same degree we will be able to use two different chords, alternating them as we like in the music piece and obtaining a very particular effect.

Moreover we will start another very important subject which will be seen in-depth in the next lesson…

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 25 mins
1. How we can alternate the natural and augmented seventh degree 3m 02s
2. Introduce a major chord on the third degree of the extended key 2m 52s
3. Building new chord progressions using the extended key 7m 05s
4. Analyse a song which we know very well from a different point of view 5m 35s
5. How to avoid a very common mistake 3m 02s
6. Building the harmonic structure of a music piece: the two fundamental cases 2m 53s
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