Do you want to know how to make your melodies more interesting and agile? (Part 3)


How to compose melodies using escape tones and reaching tones

Today we will put into practice what we have learned so far from the previous lessons.
We will see how to compose melodies using the non harmonic notes we have just learned.
This will allow you, in one way to understand how to use these new resources in the best way and on the other hand, it will make you aware of the effectiveness that these notes can give to your melody.

Remember that sometimes it just takes a small touch to transform a discreet melody into a beautiful one.

It is this touch which we obtain through the use of the notes we are about to learn.

Firstly I wil show you how to widen the disjunct motions using some non harmonic notes which give some really impressing results

At the end of the video, you will find a printable sheet music in pdf containing the melodies we will study and which can help you study the lesson

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 39 mins
1. How to widen disjunct motions to make a melodic frame more pleasant 5m 51s
2. We learn to compose a melody using escape tones in all their combinations 10m 41s
3. Compose a melody with the reaching tones 11m 29s
4. We compose a melody using all the non harmonic tones we know 11m 06s
+ 1 pdf files
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