How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 3)


How to use lowered sixth degree to build chords progressions

In building a chord progression, one of the most imortant things is variety.

It is natural that the use of only chords of the major scale is a limit – What can we do about this?

We have to introduce other elements which allow us more variety. This is precisely what we wil do in this lesson and you will learn:

What is the lowered sixth degree.
How to use two different chords on the same degree.
Which inversion chords are better used more frequently in major key?
Which are the degrees on which the inversion chords are less effective.
How to vary the harmonic patterns using inversions.

The introduction of all these elements will allow us to obtain more effective musical results.

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 46 mins
1. How to obtain major variety in the building of harmonic structure 1m 33s
2. We learn to use the lowered sixth degree 7m 15s
3. Examples of harmonic progressions with lowered sixth degree 7m 46s
4. How to use in an effective way inversions 8m 32s
5. Other examples of chords progressions 12m 11s
6. How to vary harmonic patterns using inversions 9m 52s
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