How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 4)


The chord on the third degree

The most particular music chords in a major scale are the ones built on the third degree. Why are these so particular?

Because they have a very strong ambiguity.

It is in fact the minor chord which contains the leading tone and has a very particular role. It is this chord which we will see in the lesson of today.

You will see that to understand its ambivalent characteristics and to learn to use it in the correct way, will give something more to the harmonic structure built in different major keys. We will do this with many practical examples.

Today, we will start to talk about the minor key and we will see how to build harmonic groups in this key.

Without noticing, you are gaining many important tools which will allow you to compose your own music, obtaining the most out of the world of harmony.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 38 mins
1. How to use the seventh degree 8m 25s
2. The characteristics of the chord on the third degree 9m 06s
3. How to use the chord on the third degree 1 7m 09s
4. How to use the chord on the third degree 2 6m 34s
5. The harmonic groups on harmonic minor scale 6m 59s
+ 1 pdf files
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