Piano, let’s learn to play the first scales (part 2)


The new scales in reverse motion

In the previous lesson, we learned to play the first scale of piano.

Today, we will go ahead and learn new scales, progressively using a higher number of black keys.

Therefore it is important to understand how to move along the keyboard when we have to alternate black and white keys.

In this way you will be able to carry out correctly the new scales which, as we have already said, make up one of the most important exercises in learning to play the piano.

Practice regulary, alternating all the scales you know and you will see that in this way, the technique will become more solid.

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 20 mins
1. Let’s start to differentiate the two hands (from symmetry to asymmetry). 4m 11s
2. How to move along the keyboard alternating black and white keys. 3m 18s
3. D major scale 3m 47s
4. A major scale 2m 45s
5. E major scale 2m 58s
6. The correct method to study scales 3m 27s
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