Piano, let’s learn to play the first scales (part 1) and music reading in bass clef 4


The first scales in reverse motion

In today’s lesson we will introduce a very important subject. Carrying out scales on the piano.

Firstly we will see how important scales are in learning piano techniques. Naturally, we will learn to play the first scales, in reverse motion, C major and G major scales.
In this way, you will have a very important new exercise and be able to put together all those technical aspects learned up to now.

In this lesson we will also conclude the series of music reading exercises in bass clef. Through these exercises you will be able to recognize a new note on the staff in bass clef – the F on the third line.
It is in this way, you will have a very important reference point and gain more confidence in bass clef music reading.

Finally, you will find 2 very important summary exercises which will help you put into practice everything learned in these lessons.

N.b: The introductive video with explanation of the music reading exercises in bas cleff can be found in the following link:

Introduction of music reading in bass clef

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 18 mins
1. The importance of scales in piano techniques 1m 58s
2. The scales in reverse motion 3m 36s
3. C major scale 5m 57s
4. G major scale 5m 45s
+ 1 pdf file
+ 8 audio files
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