How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 8)


Building chord progrssions in the extended key

In the last lesson we learned the fundamental lesson which allows to build chord progressions with chords of the natural minor scale.
Today, we will put this into practice through several examples on the piano.

In particular we will learn:

  • to use the chords of the extended key according to their function
  • to build chord progressions using extended key chords
  • which are the most effective inversions in this key
  • use the lowered sixth degree also in the extended key

After this lesson you will be able to move around the world of minor keys with ease and compose music pieces with effective harmony.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 26 mins
1. A simple and rapid way to pass from natural minor scale to the extended key and find all the chords. 4m 59s
2. Examples of chord progressions in the extended key 8m 08s
3. How to use inversions in the extended key 5m 49s
4. We learn to use the lowered sixth degree also in the extended key 6m 49s
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