How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 5)


The harmonic structure of a piece in minor key

In the lesson today we are going to look at an extremely important aspect:

How to build the harmony of a music piece with chords on the harmonic minor scale.

One of the main faults of people when starting to put into practice the concepts of harmony is to concentrate principally on major keys, leaving out other possibilites offered by the world of minor harmonic scale.

In this lesson you will learn how to move around in this new world. We will speak of various things:

– How to use functional harmony on harmonic minor scale
– Build harmonic progressions obtaining balance and harmony
Which inversions should be used more frequently on harmonic scale?
– How to obtain very interesting musical results using harmonic patterns

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 37 mins
1. We build harmonic progressions using a harmonic minor scale 10m 16s
2. How to use effectively harmonic patterns 8m 10s
3. The seventh degree chord (minor harmonic scale) 6m 29s
4. Other ways of using inversions in harmonic minor scale 8m 59s
5. Which other chord characteristics can be varied? 3m 35s
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