The first essential exercises to learn to compose (part 1)

chiave-do5How to develop your own composing method

Is it really possible to learn how to compose?

Many people believe that it is necessary to have a natural talent to be able to write a beautiful song or any piece of music.
According to my own experience, I can say that you can learn to compose without having the talent of Mozart or John Lennon.

Moreover to learn to compose and wirte music, it is only necessary to develop the natural abilities of the brain which we all have. Obviously there are people who are born with these mental faculties which are very developed. Nevertheless it is also possible for those who do not have a very strong natural talent to develop this capacity through exercise.

My own personal composing method

In today’s lesson we will begin to see the first exercises which will allow us to improve our composing skills. Other than this, I will reveal my own personal composing method which, if you want you will be able to use and start composing.

Important! Please note that the following exercises are not only suitable for beginners but also for those who have experience. I can say for certain that for me these, along with all the rest of composition study, have been essential to leap.   They have been crucial in developing all the necessary skills for composing music

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 40 mins
1. Composing exercises 6m 32s
2. The step by step composing method 12m 27s
3. The 5 benefits of this composing practice 9m 51s
4. How to practice 9m 45s

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