How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 11)


How to differentiate the verse and the chorus of a piece

Today we finish the cycle of lessons that has allowed you to learn chord progressions in an in-depth way.
During the course of the lessons we have learned to understand the role of different chords inside different keys.
We have also learned the ability to use inversions – all of this both in major and minor keys.

We have also managed to find a method to build harmonic structure using the chords of the natural minor scale.
Many things have therefore been learned through more than 70 examples on the piano.

We have built harmonic progressions imagining our piece to be made up of one part.
As you may well know, in reality each music piece is often divided into different parts.
You only have to think of the verse and chorus of a song.

Today, among other things, you will be able to give something different to the verse and the chorus of a piece and obtain a good variety.

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 20 mins
1. How to differentiate harmony in the case of a piece divided into 2 parts 4m 12s
2. The first way to differentiate chord progressions 2m 53s
3. The second way 3m 41s
4. The third way 4m 51s
5. The fourth way and a look at future lessons 4m 21s
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