How to build the harmonic structure of a piece (part 2)


How to build chords progressions in major key

In the last lesson we introduced a fundamental concept: functional harmony. To understand functional harmony means to understand which is its role and function of each chord in the key.

We have also managed to put the chords, according to their role into different groups.

Today we will put all of this into practice.

We will infact build different harmonic progressions in some of the principal major keys and try to alternate chords of different groups.

This will allow us to obtain variety and balance in building harmony in a piece.

Moreover we will see how to use harmonic patterns obtaining a very effective result, avoiding the monotonous result that repetitions often give.

We are going further along the pathway to success…

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 30 mins
1. Introduction of the new lesson 2m 25s
2. How to build chord progressions alternating chords from different groups 7m 15s
3. Harmonic progressions with other features 8m 20s
4. How to use harmonic patterns in order to obtain a very effective musical effect 4m 27s
5. Building patterns with the use of chords of the same harmonic group 8m 39s
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