Harmony, other secondary seventh chords


Half-diminished seventh chords

In the lesson of today, we will conclude the topic of minor seventh chords and we go on to see half-diminished seventh chords.
We will see in-depth these chords with an extremely evocative sound.
We will learn their preparation and successively their resolution.

But the most interesting thing consists in an artifice through which we will build a new secondary seventh chord on the second degree of the major scale.

Thanks to this we are able to obtain a very evocative harmonic effect!
At the end of the lesson you will find a video containing some advice for you to put into practice all that you have learned up to now.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 30 mins
1. Introduction to the lesson 1m 52s
2. Minor seventh chords in minor key 7m 40s
3. Half-diminished seventh chords 5m 27s
4. How to build half-diminished seventh chords in major scales 8m 04s
5. Practical exercises 7m 00s
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