Harmony, the ‘preparation’ of secondary seventh chords


The preparation of secondary seventh chords

In the lesson today, we will see a very important topic:

The preparation of secondary seventh chords.

This is an extremely interesting concept which allows to understand how to get the most out of secondary seventh chords.
As we will see, there are three distinct phases in using chords of this type.

We will put all of this into practice, speaking of minor seventh chords.

Finally, we will see how from a balanced mix of all the chords we know (triad or inversions, seventh chords and their inversions) very important harmonic effects can be obtained.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 25 mins
1. Introduction to the lesson 2m 19s
2. The preparation of secondary seventh chords 7m 07s
3. The three phases of secondary seventh chords 3m 14s
4. Minor seventh chords 5m 57s
5. Application of minor seventh chords 7m 26s
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