Major and minor chords, how to find all the notes at any time

armonia1How to find the notes of all the triads

Have you ever encountered chords of which you didn’t remember the notes? Especially with those chords with lots of sharps or flats, like Bb minor, C# major, G# minor…
Sometimes you don’t remember them and have to look the notes up on the charts.

In today’s lesson I will teach you two simple methods that will allow you to find, in a few seconds, all the notes of all the major and minor triads. You’ll only need to have followed the lesson on major scales and thank to today’s videos, and a little practice, you will only need a few seconds to find all three-note chords at the piano, without the need of charts.

Specifically, the second method is based on four simple steps that will only employ a few seconds to find the notes of any minor or major triad.
And in the last video I’ve wanted to show you with some examples how this method works perfectly even with chords that might “look” difficult on paper.

After today’s lesson you will be able to find, in any moment, all major and minor chords and, believe me, that’s no small task!
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Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 38 mins
1. First method: chords built on major scales 13m 27s
2. Second method, four steps to find chords in a few seconds 11m 45s
3. Four examples to practice what we’ve learned 12m 37s
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